Why vadashi statuettes?

Russian Panki dolls.
The Vadashi statuettes are made in the traditional style of the pre-Christian pagan Panki dolls, which were made crudely with an axe, saw, and knife from a solid piece of wood.
The eco-friendly wood is found in the forest along the Kuban River, which is a mountain river in southern Russia.
For the Vadashi statuettes no living trees are killed, this is a crucial point. Only an old tree that died naturally is given a chance for a second long life in the form of a statuette guarding your altar for several generations.
Vadashi statuettes can and should be inherited from one generation to the next.
Vadashi statuettes keep the warmth of your hands from touching them from praying with them and your energy, and fill your altar with power.
Silent mysterious images of Vadashi statuettes are devoid of detail, there are no hands, feet or facial features, our imagination guesses it on its own by observing the natural curves of the statuettes. They capture your attention.
The magic of Vadashi figurines is the respect for nature and the place where the wood grew, which is usually a very old oak tree.
Absolutely each statuette of Vadashi is sealed with a wax seal by the artist . After breaking the seal the energy of the artist’s hands returns to the universe and the statuette begins to belong to a new owner, namely to you, and be filled with your energy, therefore it is so important as often as possible to take a statuette in hands, to stroke and make secret wishes that it will surely fulfill.
Yours sincerely Vadim Prokopov (aka vadashi)

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  1. Elizabeth Lombard

    Hello My Friend ,,
    The doll with the pointy head, (resembling an anvil) наковальня?
    I’ve been looking to find one . Can you please create one for me to purchase please?
    Thank you, Happy, Healthy New Year

    1. Hi Elizabeth. Good to see you my friend.
      These figurines were on my site for a very long time until they were repurchased. I will gladly try to repeat them as soon as I find a suitable branch.
      Regards Vadim

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