Vintage “Gold” buttons as a gift

Would you like to receive a set of vintage buttons from the Soviet Union for free?
To do this, you need to choose any product in the store, add it to your cart and apply promo code VINTAGE
You will get a small discount and only then will a set of six beautiful buttons be added to your product.
Buttons not sold separately as an item
Offer is limited.

5 thoughts on “Vintage “Gold” buttons as a gift”

  1. I purchased from Vadim @ VADASHI many times in the past. I completely trust this man. VADIM IS HONEST! Kind and creative! If you are considering a purchase from this shop do not hesitate! These are the origional wooden alter dolls. Make an investment in your spiritual life and buy a statue or two! I promise you will be very happy shopping with Vadashi! Experience the beautiful shipping process of receiving a truly authentic and handmade gift. You will be so happy. I look forward to more purchases from this store. These statues have brought me so much blessings and tranquility. Vadim will not disappoint you. I highly recommend this shop and I give it five stars! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  2. Your welcome! It’s my pleasure, friend! ❤️ Thank you for enriching my spiritual journey. Please include those beautiful buttons with my order. I purchased from tonight. I wish you good luck and much prosperity and good fortune with your new shop. Hugs xxxx 🫂 🤗 ❤️

    1. Hello Chady. Thank you for your order on my site. I will be glad to see you my friend anytime. Of course I will be happy to complete your order with vintage Soviet buttons, it is rare even in my country. I hope they will decorate your clothes.

  3. 😃 😊 😀
    Your welcome! Thank you for best shopping experience! ❤️
    Those vintage Soviet buttons will garnish my wool pea coat. It’s gonna look so good! Have a great day! I send lots of good thoughts and blessings your way!
    Hugs xxxx, my brother 🫂
    ❤️ 💙 💜

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