Very old imperial coins

You can always choose very old imperial coins of Catherine the Great for your altar.
Catherine II was the Empress and Sovereign of All Russia. 1762 – 1796
In cultural terms, Russia finally joined the ranks of the great European powers, largely promoted by the empress herself, who was fond of literary activities, collected masterpieces of art and corresponded with the French Enlighteners. In general, the policy of Catherine II and her reforms fit into the mainstream of enlightened absolutism of the XVIII century.

This VERY RARE large copper coin was issued by the Empress Catherine II, the Great, of Russia in 1781. To the sides of the imperial eagle on the obverse are the letters E M, which show that this coin was minted in Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) in the Ural Mountains. The town was named for the Empress Catherine I (1725-27), not for Catherine the Great.
Antique Authentic
Denomination: 5 Kopeeck
Production Period: 18th century
Diameter: 43 mm
Weight: 42 – 52 g
Composition: Copper
The uniqueness of Catherine’s nickels was that they do not have a clear weight as modern coins because they were cut from copper blanks.

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