Wiccan Goddess archaic witch figurine

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Wiccan Goddess archaic dark witch figurine

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Wiccan Goddess archaic dark witch figurine
Punks are integral, indivisible and strong. Russian punks are made from a single piece of any tree. These are, as a rule, animals, birds or people, processed quite roughly. Originally northern puppets were most likely pagan idols and were intended for rituals of pagan magic, but even with the advent of the northern lands of Orthodoxy, they retained their archaic form and meaning. Complex paintings and patterns did not. Punks were deprived of details. Her facial features were either absent in the old days, or barely marked by depressions and incisions. So the masters acted quite consciously: thereby providing protection from invading the doll of other evil spirits, which, according to pagan beliefs, can penetrate through the eyes, mouth, nose and ears. And the legs of such a doll was not: to not come to life and not run away, but faithfully served its master. A feature of the punks was the schematic nature of their forms, or as now would say minimalism in design. Without small details and details, such as contours of feathers, hoofs, wool in the tail or mane. However, our northern ancestors used punks as toys for their children. The child could play with punk and not be afraid to break it, dropping. In brutal punk, a child could easily guess, a horse, a woman, a cow or a bird, but at the same time he had to think out all the details about the toy himself that he developed fantasy.

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