Paimon Demon is a King of Hell occult figurine

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Paimon is a King of Hell

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Paimon is a King of Hell presiding over 200 legions of demons. Paimon is very obedient unto Lucifer and he can grant many wishes to a magician that summons him.

Practising occultist Carroll “Poke” Runyon has suggested that the origin of King Paimon can be traced to Mesopotamia, equating this demon with Isis, a Middle Eastern goddess. Runyon’s connection is based on Paimon’s appearance (feminine features and riding a camel) and because “Paimon” meant a “tinkling sound” in an unspecified language, a reference to this deity.

The Ninth Spirit in this Order is Paimon, a Great King, and very obedient unto LUCIFER. He appeareth in the form of a Man sitting upon a Dromedary with a Crown most glorious upon his head. There goeth before him also an Host of Spirits, like Men with Trumpets and well sounding Cymbals, and all other sorts of Musical Instruments. He hath a great Voice, and roareth at his first coming, and his speech is such that the Magician cannot well understand unless he can compel him. This Spirit can teach all Arts and Sciences, and other secret things. He can discover unto thee what the Earth is, and what holdeth it up in the Waters; and what Mind is, and where it is; or any other thing thou mayest desire to know. He giveth Dignity, and confirmeth the same. He bindeth or maketh any man subject unto the Magician if he so desire it. He giveth good Familiars, and such as can teach all Arts.

Wooden doll Panki – whole, undivided and strong. Russian folk dolls panki actuated from a single piece of any tree. This, as a rule, animals, birds or humans treated rather roughly, a shovel!
Initially northern dolls -panki most likely were pagan idols and pagan rituals meant for magic, but even with the advent of the northern lands of orthodoxy, they have retained their archaic form and meaning.
Complex patterns and murals did. Panks were denied details.
Facial features her in the old days either absent or barely were planned depressions and incisions. So the master acted quite deliberately: thus provides protection against invasion of strangers into a doll evil spirits, which, according to pagan beliefs, can penetrate the eyes, mouth, nose and ears. And the legs of a doll was not: not to come to life and run away, and faithfully served his master.
A feature of pank became their schematic form, or as it is now said to be minimalist in design. No small parts and details such as feathers contours, hooves, hairs in the tail or mane, they look cooler modern sculpture art-brut.
However, our northern ancestors used panki as toys for their children. The child could play with pank and not be afraid to break it, dropping. The brutal pank kid easily guessed, the horse, a woman, a cow or a bird, but with all the details about the toy he had to think out the most that developing imagination.

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