Bune is a Great Duke of Hell, occult doll

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Bune is a Great Duke of Hell, mighty and strong, who has thirty legions of demons under his command.

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Bune is a Great Duke of Hell, mighty and strong, who has thirty legions of demons under his command.

Fall from Grace

Bune was one of the many angels that resided in Heaven like the vast majority of his Goetial cohorts. He was of the order of the Cherubim that guarded the borders of Paradise and served under Azrael, the archangel of death. Bune was affected by Lucifer’s music which held thoughts of rebellion and doubt in its theme, thus made Bune rebelling against God and joining Lucifer’s cause against the Almighty.

Bune fell from grace alongside his rebel cohorts when fighting against Michael’s Heavenly Host with his once fair eldritch form that befits a Cherubim becoming twisted and draconic, resembling more of a monstrous dragon rather than an angel. The Head of the Dragons is said to serve under him as well after he became a Great Duke of Hell.

Wooden doll Panki – whole, undivided and strong. Russian folk dolls panki actuated from a single piece of any tree. This, as a rule, animals, birds or humans treated rather roughly, a shovel!
Initially northern dolls -panki most likely were pagan idols and pagan rituals meant for magic, but even with the advent of the northern lands of orthodoxy, they have retained their archaic form and meaning.
Complex patterns and murals did. Panks were denied details.
Facial features her in the old days either absent or barely were planned depressions and incisions. So the master acted quite deliberately: thus provides protection against invasion of strangers into a doll evil spirits, which, according to pagan beliefs, can penetrate the eyes, mouth, nose and ears. And the legs of a doll was not: not to come to life and run away, and faithfully served his master.
A feature of pank became their schematic form, or as it is now said to be minimalist in design. No small parts and details such as feathers contours, hooves, hairs in the tail or mane, they look cooler modern sculpture art-brut.
However, our northern ancestors used panki as toys for their children. The child could play with pank and not be afraid to break it, dropping. The brutal pank kid easily guessed, the horse, a woman, a cow or a bird, but with all the details about the toy he had to think out the most that developing imagination.

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