Packaging as art

Packaging as art
I always treat packing my figurines as a magical ritual.
It is both an aesthetic concept and the maximum approximation to the natural component of everything that can be in harmony with the altar figurines.
They are tags tags made of recycled paper, they are environmentally friendly, they are easily degradable in nature, there is no paint on them, only the logo made by hot stamping.
Kraft paper is used as packaging, which is also environmentally friendly and recycled.
All this is tied with jute cord and wax seal with the logo is put.
Sometimes as tag tags I can use leather which also has a hot stamp with the logo, these tags can be used as a keychain.
But my packaging has a disadvantage that I hope to deal with in the near future and find a replacement for it is a plastic mailing bag and foam plastic soft wrap. Absolutely all of my products have international shipping worldwide. This is a major challenge for the product and the packaging. In international sorting, parcels are under serious stress and exposure, so at the moment there is no way I can get rid of plastic mailing bags, the only way to protect the product from high humidity and the foam wrap from physical breakage.
I very much hope for positive emotions of my clients at the moment of receiving a parcel from far away Russia and I always enjoy the feedback.
And now I’m looking forward to your comments.
Tell us what were your emotions after receiving the vadashi figurines and what would you like to add to what you have.
Sincerely yours Vadim Prokopov

recycled paper tags
craft paper tags
leather tag as a keychain
signet ring for wax seal
Each antique coin is sealed in a cardboard case and sealed with a wax seal as a guarantee of authenticity from my store

2 thoughts on “Packaging as art”

  1. Dulcie Midwinter

    Unique, beautiful, powerful. That’s what Vadim creates. I now posses two of his creations and they have a real and, with each, a very different presence.
    There is no-one else like him and I wouldn’t buy from anyone else.

  2. thank you for the appreciation of my work and the great review. I am very happy. Always happy to see you.
    Sincerely yours Vadim

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