archaic figurines born of nature

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every dead tree has the right to a second life
Vadim Prokopov
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Art wooden dolls

Unique Russian wooden dolls. Each item in my store is one-of-a-kind, repetition is not possible. Every piece of wood is selected with intuition and sustainably gathered with the utmost care and respect to both site and tree. It is a part of natural beauty of handcrafted items. I do not use paints and varnishes in my products. Only fire toning and linseed oil impregnation. Follow @vadashi on Instagram for a closer look into my work and process.

Vadim Prokopov

Only Handmade

for the manufacture of figurines, only a saw, an ax and a knife are used

Pure Organic

varnishes and paints are not used. Only firing with fire and impregnation with linseed oil

Natural Care

all figurines are made from old oak

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