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Atypical wooden figurines

В наших сердцах ты неустрашимый победитель, любимый муж, дорогой отец и родной дедушка. Спи спокойно.

Dark Occult Idols

Wooden doll Panki – whole, undivided and strong. Russian folk dolls panki art idols

Magic figurines of your altar

What Our Customers Say

"This is the most beautiful statue I've ever seen. I feel the energy so strongly that the artist portrayed when carving the wood. I love it, and I'm grateful that he shares his art with the world!"
Jennifer Lewis
"I love this figure. It's expressive and has a real presence, almost uncannily so for having such impressionistic lines. The artist has a real gift. This figure is a perfect addition to my altar. It arrived well before the estimated date and was well packed for its 5000+ mile journey to my house. The wax seal on the wrapping was a nice touch"
Alicia Heart
"Exquisite figure. A figure that's more than a figure. Bless the talented hands that create these treasures and share them with the rest of us. Thank you, Vadim."
Juan Carlos
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